Our History

Lodge St Maurs was first discussed in a local inn in 1939 by three Brethren of the Craft, namely Bro. Issac Gray, Bro. Archie Templeton and Bro. Sam Fulton.

When they had made up their minds that they wanted a Lodge in the village they invited three more Brethren, Bro. John Parker, Bro. Alec Murdoch and Bro. David Mitchell. They got together and held two meetings in Bro. Murdoch's house, where they decided on the next steps to be taken. At this point they had to decide on a name for the new Lodge. Three names were put forward, St Maurs, Glencairn and Carmel Grove. On a vote St Maurs came out on top.

These six Brethren contacted all the Craft Members they knew in the village and invited them to a meeting to be held in the Public Hall. The Brethren who attended gave a fair hearing to all the points raised, and after much discussion decided to hold another meeting six months later - provided they could raise the sum of £60.

The Brethen set to work and so great was their enthusiasm that their meeting did in fact take place six months later as planned. The next step was to apply for a Charter from The Grand Lodge of Scotland. They thought this would be granted in a few months, however it was to be a year before the Charter was granted to Lodge St Maurs No 1398 (7th November 1940).

While waiting for the Charter to be granted, Bro. Jack Nicholson, Bro. Richard Scott and a numnber of other Brethren gave one night of their time each week to give tuition and advice in the correct running of a Lodge to those who were to start the new Lodge. Office Bearers elected were taught the procedures for opening and closing of a Lodge.

A petition was sent to those wishing to be Founder Members, and 65 members names were collected. A fee was proposed by Bro. James Gray P.M., and after discussion it was agreed that 5/- (five shillings) should be the fee. At this point the Brethren did not know that the 5/- had to be sent to The Grand Lodge of Scotalnd , so a new fee had to be agreed at a later time.

Next they had to decide and elect who was to be the first R.W.M. of the Lodge. This honour fell to Bro. Thomas Campbell, a member of Lodge St Clement, Riccarton,(Kilwinning), Kilmarnock No 202, and he was installed on Saturday 7th December 1940, by Bro. R. Scott, Provincial Grand Junior Warden. The Lodge was Consecrated earlier at the same meeting by R.W.P.G.M. Bro. James E. Shaw.

After the Consecration of the Lodge, they started off on solid foundations. The Lodge purchased propoerty known as 'Roseacre' with thoughts of converting the old propoerty into a Temple. Unfortunately, Ayr County Council had other ideas and their luck was out. While trying to purchase alternative properties their meetings were held in the Public Halls. After some time the Lodge purchased the present premises at 22, Main Street, Kilmaurs, which has been altered considerably over the years, making it a suitable place to hold Masonic Meetings.

December 1965 saw the Lodge celebrate its Silver Jubliee - 25 years in Kilmaurs - and on 14th January 1966 a Re-dedication Service was held. A deputation from P.G.L. of Ayrshire was headed by R.W.P.G.M. Bro. Gregor Grant, and the deputation was received by R.W.M. Bro. Mathew Gray.

The purchase of the Kilmaurs Telephone Exchange, which was adjacent to the Lodge resulted in the two buildings being joined together and a new Temple was opened in the old Exchange. The access now being from ground level rather than upstairs. The Consecration of the new Temple took place on 5th October 1988 by R.W.P.G.M. Bro John Weir, and the deputation was received by R.W.M. Bro John L. Clark (Ian).

The Golden Jubilee was celebrated in 1990, and the Re-dedication service was held on Saturday, 6th October 1990. A deputation from the P.G.L. of Ayrshire was headed by R.W.P.G.M. Bro. Adam Cunningham and the deputation was received by R.W.M. Bro. William Dean (Bill).

Throughout our short history Lodge St Maurs has been well represented in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire.

  • Bro. George Baird P.M. served as P.G.L. Substitute Master (1983 - 1987)
  • Bro. Matt Gray P.M. served as P.G. Junior Warden (1984)
  • Bro. James Fulton P.M. served as P.G. Swordbearer (1988) and was invested with P.G. Rank of Standard Bearer (2013)
  • Bro. Allan Robertson P.M. was invested with P.G. Rank of Sword Bearer (2002)
  • Bro. T.W. Connell P.M. was elected to P.G.L. Committee (2002) and is currently serving as P.G. Almoner (2018)
  • Bro. James E. Kurth P.M. was elected to P.G.L. Committee (2017) and is currently serving as P.G. Vice President of Stewards (2018)
  • Bro. D. Paul Devlin P.M. is currently serving as P.G Tyler (2018)

Many thanks are due to those Brethren who worked so hard to get 1398 off the ground in those early years, and to those who have followed, building St Maurs into the Lodge it is today.